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When Larry Jacobson sailed away from the secure harbor of a successful career, comfortable home and “normal” life to circumnavigate the world in his own boat, he proved that if you hold steadfast to your dreams, you can conquer any obstacle.

Larry Jacobson at TEDx Golden Gate
“Passion Trumps Fear”

Larry Jacobson at TEDx Youth
“Passion, Priorities, and Perseverance” 


Author of the Award-Winning Best-Seller The Boy Behind the Gate, Jacobson engages his audiences with vivid storytelling and exciting photos and video, placing them right in the center of the adventure… and illuminating valuable insights on how to set goals, persevere in the face of adversity, achieve new levels of personal success, and fulfill any dream, no matter how improbable or long-deferred.

Jacobson’s business acumen, his deep knowledge of sales and marketing, and his sense of humor are all on board in his keynote speeches. Energetic and upbeat, he not only shares his wisdom with his signature wit and charisma, but he draws powerful parallels to how participants can apply his lessons in their own personal and business lives.

  • I can unconditionally say that you were absolutely one of the best speakers to appear at our club

    As Program Chair for the Golden Gate Breakfast Club in San Francisco, I can unconditionally say that you were absolutely one of the best speakers to appear at our club. Any group would find you tremendously interesting and inspirational. Your presentation was really quite exceptional, and combined with your engaging speaking style held the attention of all members, which is quite a feat given our diverse interests and age span.

    I had many members approach me with positive comments on how inspired they were by your speech. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future speaking engagements.

    Jill Hoffman
    Mayor of Sausalito, CA
  • Larry Jacobson was the perfect wrap-up speaker at TEDx

    "Larry Jacobson was the perfect wrap-up speaker at TEDx. We met him during an event we sponsored coaching and training TEDx speakers for their event in Golden Gate Park.

    His talk about the pursuit of passion hit home with the audience. You could see it in their eyes and hear it in their applause.

    Larry has a grasp of presentation skills reserved for those few professionals at the top. I would recommend him for any association or corporate event where leadership, risk, passion, sales, decision-making, attitude, and perseverance are even remotely related to the theme.

    His business knowledge and know-how from sailing around the world give him a unique perspective and allow him to speak from experience. He's the real deal and his proficiency shows."

    Chuck Kuglen
    Managing Partner / VP of Sales & Business Development
    The Henderson Group
  • We loved him so much, we invited him back again...

    We loved Larry's message so much we invited him back to speak at our annual company off-site in Palm Springs. His message was inspiring and was a wonderful way to kick off our annual meeting that was all around igniting the passion again.

    Thank you, Larry, for all you have done, and for what you continue to do to spread your passion to others.

  • Great message and a magnetic personality!

    Wow! What a way to end our TEDx Golden Gate Park event. Larry was the perfect "book end" to an amazing day. His talk encompassed the energy and goal of the event perfectly. He was clear and passionate about his message. He was humble and captivating in his storytelling. Most of all he was INSPIRING! I would strongly recommend Larry as an event/motivational speaker. He has a great message and a magnetic personality that connects with people.

    Dan Newhall
  • If your team needs a shot of inspiration and is looking for an effective speaker, Larry is your man

    It's now impossible for me to separate in my mind my experience of Larry Jacobson's talk at the TEDx Golden Gate Park conference from my experience of reading his book, The Boy Behind the Gate. Larry's experience of circumnavigating the globe makes for a very compelling story on the page or in person.

    He sailed under the Golden Gate bridge heading south to his boyhood home in Long Beach and sailed back under the bridge 6 years later. The persistence and courage required for this journey were remarkable. He faced numerous obstacles along the way but kept pressing on until he'd reached his goal.

    Larry's enthusiasm and humor make him a compelling speaker. If your team or organization needs a shot of inspiration and is looking for an effective speaker, Larry is your man.

  • ... inspiring, thought-provoking, and, frankly, fun!

    It was my pleasure to hear Larry Jacobson speak at the CASE District VII conference in March where his topic was “Make Passion Your Priority.” He was one of our opening speakers and what a way to kick off our conference! The conference theme invited attendees to shake things up and reinvent themselves in order to better serve their institutions in an ever-changing environment. Embracing even minute change is not easy. However, after Larry’s presentation, I felt like I should just go for it! Take on life and my work with all of the gusto I could muster.

    This speaker was inspiring, thought-provoking, and, frankly, fun! Larry helped to set the stage for the rest of our conference – he was exactly what we needed!

    Theresa Davis
    CASE District VII Conference
  • You set a warm and non-judgmental tone that made it comfortable for all the participants

    That was a great program you delivered! I was impressed by the willingness of the group to do the exercises and “share”. You set a warm and non-judgmental tone that made it comfortable for all the participants. Thanks again for all the prep work you did to create the workshop handouts and for the energy and enthusiasm you brought to the program. You are a wonder!

  • "Larry was wonderful, passionate, compelling, authentic, inspirational, funny and very human. He wrapped up the day beautifully!"

    Nils-Michael Langenborg
    TEDx Golden Gate Park

    "Larry just knocked it out of the park! It's been wonderful to have him as a keynote speaker during our event!"

    Peter Oakes
    CCD Expo

    "WOW! Larry just brought the entire world into our conference room! He inspired our managers & directors to better handle challenges that we face on a daily basis. I wholeheartedly recommend you invite Larry to speak at your meeting, whether it's big or small. Let him share his story!"

    Marcelle Epley
    Senior Vice President, LB Transit


Inspiring, Energizing, and Entertaining Larry shares from his experience and wisdom acquired as CEO and His Adventure Sailing Around the World

After experiencing one of Larry’s empowering keynotes, your audience will walk away inspired and energized, knowing they don’t have to sail all the way around the world to discover the strength, vision and capacity for happiness they already possess. They just have to step up to the helm and take the wheel.
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