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Your Fearless Coach,
Helping You Reach Your Most Daring Goals

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What is Buoy Coaching?
bu·oy; boo-ēē, boi


  • To keep someone or something afloat.
  • Cause to become cheerful or confident.
  • To sustain or encourage.


  • An anchored float serving as a navigation mark to guide the route through reefs or other hazards, or for mooring.

     While sailing his boat all the way around the world, Larry Jacobson followed many a course marked by buoys. They led the way through dangerous shoals, between reefs, and provided a safe haven for mooring. The international buoy system is like a roadmap and if followed properly, will keep you in safe waters.

         “When sailing in uncharted waters,
it’s best to have an experienced navigator onboard.”
 ~ Larry Jacobson ~

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     Jacobson’s coaching practice has always provided safe and confidential guidance for clients to find a way forward through whatever difficulties they are experiencing. Buoy Coaching provides direction to women and men from all professions including executives, entrepreneurs, speakers, medical and law professionals, and public figures.

A coaching program offered in three formats to help women and men approaching or entering a phase of life when you are completing your work in the business and professional arena. It will answer the question of, “What’s next in my life?” Sail Into Retirement™ is a SYSTEM that provides the answers you need.

Most people spend more time planning their next car purchase than what to do with their retirement time.

Financial vs. Non-Financial
Most people have a financial plan for retirement. Most do not have a non-financial plan. Maybe you have enough money to retire or perhaps you still need additional income. Either way, you’re still faced with the question of: How will you spend your days? Without a course to follow, it’s easy to drift aimlessly.

Do you have a plan?
Can you picture yourself going from your fast paced professional life to a screeching halt and tending roses in your garden? How many days will it take for you to be bored?

This is not financial retirement planning. Leave that to your financial planner. This is about using your newly found time to achieve self-actualization; a life with true meaning, authenticity, and solid purpose.
“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” –Pericles

Why Should You Listen To Larry?
Why Larry? What makes him the expert in the field? Because he developed this course based on experience. He is the trusted authority on non-fiscal retirement planning. Larry believes only in teaching what he knows, and turning your passion into your dream retirement is a field he knows very well.

Indeed, his story is one we have all wanted to live. At the age of 13, Jacobson taught himself to sail in a tiny boat on Alamitos Bay in Long Beach. From that day forward, he dreamed of sailing around the world as captain of his own boat. But then life happened. He grew up and entered the corporate world but never lost the passion for his dream. After 20 years in business as a vice-president, president, and CEO, he decided that was enough. He exited the corporate world and 33 years after first stepping foot in that tiny sailboat, Jacobson sailed out the Golden Gate on a six-year journey around the world. He followed his passion and made his dream come true.

“The hardest part was letting go of my identity,” says Jacobson, “Who I was, who I had created myself to be during a 20-year business career. I felt valued, important, and that I was contributing. Leaving that all behind was the most difficult decision of all.”

What makes this program unique?

With the new award-winning online interactive video classroom, Sail Into Retirement™ is the first system to help retirees at any age envision and build a plan for a life of meaning, worth, value, and fulfillment.

The 9 Course Modules consist of 18 dynamic video lessons that allow you to study on your own but at a pace that keeps you moving forward. With your own private Client Portal, you’re able to submit your work for review and stay organized with your online Digital Action Guide.

Individual vs. Group Coaching
This is not group coaching. All information you share through the online video course or personal coaching is strictly confidential between you and Jacobson. You will not be sharing your life story with others. All testimonials are volunteered by clients.

The Value Is In The Results
The value of Sail Into Retirement™ is not only the information, but also the system Jacobson uses in the online and personal coaching sessions. The lessons are in the proper learning order, which builds on itself to bring results.    From his graduate work in education at the University of California Berkeley, Jacobson understands sequencing of learning, and building a platform of knowledge step by step. He has developed Sail Into Retirement™ with your success in mind. You will end the course with a plan in hand because he will personally write it for you based on the work you do.

Consider it as your continuing education or a degree in retirement. The difference is that instead of a diploma, you get results. You’ll soon be on your way to a retirement with meaning and authenticity.

Sail Into Retirement™ is truly unique. There’s no course like it anywhere. Current fiscal retirement planning sadly ignores your feelings and emotions as you leave your professional career.  This is the only system that will provide you with a personal Plan of Action so you can live your retirement life the way you want.

You’ll be the one accountable to do the work, but Larry Jacobson is right there with you every step of the way to motivate you. Based on his own experience of retiring with genuine authenticity and a life of meaning, he will guide you through what you’re experiencing for the first time but is so familiar to him.

Both the online course and VIP personal coaching will guide you step-by-step, module-by-module until you have a Plan of Action.

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