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Proud Recipient of Six Literary Awards!

2012 BEST MEMOIR – Bay Area Independent Publishers Association
2012 FINALIST – Benjamin Franklin Awards, Memoirs
2012 FINALIST – Benjamin Franklin Awards, Non-Fiction
2012 GOLD MEDAL – eLit Awards, Travel
2012 SILVER MEDAL – eLit Awards, Memoirs
2011 SILVER MEDAL – Independent Publisher Book Awards, Non-fiction


The Boy Behind the Gate
How His Dream of Sailing Around the World Became a
Six-Year Odyssey of Adventure, Fear, Discovery, and Love

Willing to risk all, Jacobson spent six years sailing into the unknown where the unrelenting oceans served as a teacher of seamanship, personal strength, and perseverance.

In The Boy Behind the Gate, the author reveals those crucial steps that will motivate you to make your dreams come true. We are each given one great opportunity at life. What are you going to do with yours?

With the insight of his personal journal entries along with the emails he had shared with friends, the reader gets to be in the middle of the challenge and satisfaction of fulfilling a dream while learning to love, live and appreciate life’s moments – be those silent and beautiful or in raging seas and howling winds!

The Boy Behind the Gate Reviews

Here’s to a fascinating book I just finished: Larry Jacobson’s, “The
Boy Behind the Gate”. Thank you, Larry, for taking me around this big
world on your sailboat, “Julia”. I went so many places my head is
spinning. I went through so many disasters that turned out in the end. My hat
is off to your romantic accomplishment. The tour was splendid and I learned so
much about far away places and our common humanity. Thank you for how you
shared your feelings so transparently throughout the book; that made it genuine.
It was far more than a travelogue. You conquered A LOT and woke something in
me. Thank you for sharing your courage and dreams.

~ Ann Lorraine ~


Let’s Go
The Adventures of Skip and Kanek Part 1, The Search Begins
For Explorers and Adventurers Boys and Girls Ages 8-12

Skip begins searching for his mysterious runaway brother, who was last seen in Tahiti. The search for his brother explodes into a dangerous journey Skip never expected.

He meets Kanek, a Tahitian orphan, and together they sail around the world searching for Skip’s brother. They’re surprised and shocked about the dark discoveries they make, but are compelled to keep on the hunt.

They become involved way over their heads and danger lurks everywhere as the boys encounter dragons, snakes, crocodiles, man-fish, pirates, and erupting volcanoes. Only having just met, Skip and Kanek must learn to trust each other in these situations and are faced with life or death decisions along their journey.
The story is fast-paced, exciting, dangerous, and at many points, the boys are faced with the question of whether to go on or not. What is important in life? What are the boys’ priorities? They don’t seem to want to give up…but should they?

Brought to you by award-winning author, Larry Jacobson, this long-awaited middle reader is the young adventurer’s version of the Amazon #1 Seller, “The Boy Behind the Gate.”

“Let’s Go” is fun for parents and children, teaches many life lessons, and offers great wisdom for the growing up child in us all. Parents, teachers, and librarians will appreciate the references to anti-bullying, trust, giving, and friendship. Includes accurate geography as well as an auto-click nautical glossary.

Language appropriate for Ages 8-14, Grades 3-8, with 24 original full-color illustrations. With a story that doesn’t let up in excitement, and realistic dialog, Jacobson has mastered the children’s adventure reader.

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The Adventures of Skip and Kanek

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What Is Your Encore?
How to Find Purpose and Fulfillment in Retirement

This book and its system is specifically designed to help you discover, re-
discover, develop, and follow your passions. It guides you to combine your
passions with your vision and knowledge to create a retirement of purpose,
passion, and fun.

This transformative guided program cracks the code to finding your Encore.

It’s the only online workbook designed and focused on the non-financial
aspects of retirement.

The system is fun, upbeat, and it works. It guides you through the self-
discovery transition process and you learn the process along the way. You’ll
be able to change direction and reinvent yourself as often as you like.
What are you going to do with the rest of your life? Let Larry help you find
and take the first step towards an exciting Encore of your life.

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Retirement Isn’t Just About Money!
The Retirement Challenge
A non-Financial Guide
from Top Retirement Experts
by Larry Jacobson, Robert Laura
(President of the Retirement Coaches Association), et al.

For the first time, the Retirement Coaches Association has brought together an elite group of retirement experts to help you unlock a compelling and purpose filled next chapter.

It’s the first and only book of its kind and provides exactly what is missing from mainstream articles and discussions about retirement. Yes, there are many other books on the topic, but none of them address the non-financial aspects like this definitive collection of wisdom and advice.

It digs deep and delivers powerful content that:

  • Takes readers on a personal journey to help them thrive in their transition
  • Offers a new sense of purpose for those who are unsure of, or conflicted by a retirement decision
  • Provides peace of mind by acknowledging you’re not alone no matter what you may be dealing with
  • Validates your thoughts and feelings about retirement while providing direction for you
  • Allows you to see the beauty and benefits of planning beyond the dollars and cents of retirement

Join us as we take you on a though-provoking journey that covers nearly every retirement topic and provides answers to your non-financial retirement questions.




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