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Navigating Advanced Sales
and Presentation Skills

1. Assessing the current situation
    What do you sell, your company’s position in marketplace
          Selling as a big company—your advantages
          Selling as a small company—your advantages
2. How do you currently sell? in person, phone, online
          Walk through your current process and analyze
          Your elevator speech
          Your image—look closely in the mirror
3. Building a relationship
          Based on more than the product—personal
          Based on solving a need, or need to create the need?
Knowing your prospect—gathering information first and entering with knowledge about their industry and position
Finding the decision maker
4. The art of asking questions—discovering their need
          It’s about them, not you.
          I’m the Dr., where does it hurt?
          What is currently working and what is not?
          Decision-making criteria for prospect
          Open-ended questions vs. Closed ended questions
5. What do you use in a presentation: powerpoint, samples, paint word pictures
          How are you evoking emotional response?
          Decisions to buy: Emotional or Logical?
          Helping the customer see a vision of success
6. Helping the prospect make a choice vs. selling
          Making the customer look good internally
          How can you add comfort to their decision?
                   Try it out
                   Help present to higher up
                   Take some of their workload
7. How to present features and benefits
          Knowing the difference       
          Do they really want a drill bit? Or just a hole?
8. How and why to use stories to make a point
          Enter the third party endorsement
          The power of referrals
          Purpose of the story—make a point, not just tell a story
          Short, concise, timely
          Answering objections with a story
          Demonstrating your value
9. Why objections are a good sign
          How to deal with the most common objections
          Price. Compared to what/who? Prove value
          I need to think it over
          Need to ask others
          We’re happy with our current supplier
How did you find this supplier? Who did you switch from? Why? For those same reasons, is it possible to find someone even better?
10. Closing
          Are you ready to move forward?
          Is time of urgency?
          What is the next step?
                   Other decision makers
                             Let’s present to them together
          Patience. Sales is often a process, not an event
                   Average lead-time
                   Number of calls per sale
                   Keeping the pipeline filled

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Larry Jacobson - Coach of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, & Sales Teams

Larry Jacobson - Coach of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, & Sales Teams

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