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Invite Award-Winning Author, Larry Jacobson, to Make Your Next Event a Total Success!
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Invite Larry Jacobson to Energize and Motivate Your Team!


Inspiring, Energizing, and Entertaining Larry shares from his experience and wisdom acquired as CEO and His Adventure Sailing Around the World

After experiencing one of Larry’s empowering keynotes, your audience will walk away inspired and energized, knowing they don’t have to sail all the way around the world to discover the strength, vision and capacity for happiness they already possess. They just have to step up to the helm and take the wheel.
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Success in Business

• Navigating Leadership
• Navigating Sales
• Achieving Unstoppable Performance
• Ageism Hurts

Personal Growth & Development

Embracing Change
Making Ideas and Dreams Reality
Redefining Retirement, What’s Your Encore?
Passion Trumps Fear, Make Passion Your Priority

Inspiration, Gratitude, & Happiness

• 9 The Keys to Happiness
What if You Are Happier than You Think but Just Haven’t Noticed Yet

Enjoy this sample of Larry Jacobson’s
award-winning speaking style:

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When Larry Jacobson sailed away from the secure harbor of a successful career, comfortable home and “normal” life to circumnavigate the world in his own boat, he proved that if you hold steadfast to your dreams, you can conquer any obstacle.

Keynote at IWI Investment Professionals Conference,
“Redefining Your Retirement-What’s Your Encore?”

Let Larry Jacobson take you on a 
Journey Around the World

Larry Jacobson at TEDx Golden Gate
“Passion Trumps Fear”

Larry Jacobson at TEDx Youth
“Passion, Priorities, and Perseverance, Making Ideas Happen”

Larry molded a fantastic, high energy and educational presentation that everyone loved. He is by far an amazing presenter! We really couldn’t have found a speaker that fit our theme any better!

Kristen Newcomer – Event Director, Investment & Wealth Institute (IWI)

Author of the Award-Winning Best-Seller, The Boy Behind the Gate, Jacobson engages his audiences with vivid storytelling and exciting photos and video, placing them right in the center of the adventure… and illuminating valuable insights on how to set goals, persevere in the face of adversity, achieve new levels of personal success, and fulfill any dream, no matter how improbable or long-deferred.

Jacobson’s business acumen, his deep knowledge of sales and marketing, and his sense of humor are all on board in his keynote speeches. Energetic and upbeat, he not only shares his wisdom, wit, and charisma, he also draws powerful parallels to how participants can apply his lessons in their own personal and business lives. 


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Larry Jacobson Non Financial Retirement Coach