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MSNBC: Sailor Who Circumnavigated Globe Reveals How to Make Your Dreams Come TrueClick to read…!


Retirement Coaches’ Association recognized Larry Jacobson with the coveted Retirement Catalyst award, which recognizes industry change agents and impactful contributors to the Retirement Coaching industry. Click to read…!

Forbes: How I Chose Passion Over Fear and Sailed the World 
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University of California Alumni Panel Discussion:
Retiring the Concept of Retirement

Retirement has always been framed as the ultimate end goal, but for many people over 55, it’s just the beginning. From joining new companies to leading multi-generational teams, professionals over 55 have found new ways to learn, contribute to organizations and create new pathways. Retiring doesn’t have to be the end goal, and this event explores what it’s like to rejuvenate your career goals and trajectory.

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Larry Jacobson interviewed on National Radio

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Huffington Post: Is the Economy Draining Us of Our Dreams? Click here to read…!

SpeakersAssociates: “From CEO to Sailor” – What does it take to survive a brutal storm in a small sailboat? Could you muster the perseverance to stay at the helm for 36 hours? How much are you willing to risk to make your dreams come true? Could you stay focused on one goal for six years? Click to read…!

Originally Published in NextAvenue – a PBS Site: Has Covid Put Your Hopes and Dreams on the Back Burner? Here’s How to Recover Them – Click to read…!

Originally published in Investment & Wealth Institute Podcast
 : Where do you get your passion, purpose and fulfillment from?  Click to listen…!

Life Planning Network: 

My Friend is Pain-Free – I’m Left Both Mad and Sad  Click here to read…!


My Friend is Pain-Free – I’m Left Both Mad and Sad  Click here to read…!

Originally published in Money Matters Radio: Scott and Pat talk about what the recent changes to labor productivity mean for your retirement. They follow that up with an interview with retirement coach Larry Jacobson, author of Top 5 Retirement Planning Secrets. Lastly, Pat and Scott speak with a caller who is looking for a way to make a struggling business become profitable.  Click to listen…!

Originally published in Sail Sport Talk Radio: Larry Jacobson began sailing at age 13 in a Styrofoam-hull dinghy on Alamitos Bay, in Long Beach, CA. He found the boat in a dumpster and started his first boat repair project the next day. He taught himself to sail and was instantly hooked on his new passion.  Click to listen…!

Larry Jacobson interview on Starting a Business:

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in personal development but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Larry Jacobson, Founder of Buoy Coaching, located in Emeryville, CA, USA. Click Here for the complete interview transcript…!

The Number One Retirement Risk You Probably Haven’t Considered

Too often, we think of retirement as a financial equation, but statistically, the biggest risk that could derail your happy retirement is actually loss of identity. In this week’s episode, we speak with Larry Jacobson, a Certified Retirement Coach who outlines why retirees need to not only retire FROM something, but retire TO something.

In this episode, John Iammarino, RMA® and Thomas O’Connell discuss the 3 stages of transitioning into retirement, and how you can set yourself up for a fulfilling retirement. And Larry will even be offering a special 1-on-1 coaching offer for our listeners!

To listen and learn about Larry’s incredible offer, please click here!

Retire on Fire! – Larry Jacobson interviewed on Author-Expert Wire Podcast: Explore how to live a life with purpose and fulfillment now and in your retirement years. After 20 years in the corporate world, Jacobson bought a sail boat and spent six years sailing around the world. When he came home, he wrote an Amazon #1 selling, award-winning memoir about it, and began coaching others on how to retire with purpose and what to do with the rest of their lives… Click to listen…!

Redefining Retirement: What’s Your Encore? 
Why is it important to have a non-financial plan for your retirement? Almost everyone has some sort of financial plan because that’s what we see on TV and billboards—Do you have enough money to retire? For those who do, that’s not the only important question. What you do with your time and how you find a new social network, purpose, and fulfillment are also of critical importance to a happy retirement. Click to listen…!

The Greatness Machine LIVE: Follow Your Dream – Live Your Purpose. Interview by the fabulous and funny Darius Mirshahzadeh. During the interview we discuss How to Follow Your Dreams, Core Values, and I share my own personal anchors that guide my life. We get down to the nitty-gritty of how to find your passion and live a full life… Click to listen…!

Turn Your Dreams into Reality – FreedomSeries Interview with Barry Magliarditi: Peter Kozodoy, author of Honest to Greatness, interviews Larry about the baby boomers’ longevity and asks: What are you going to do with your time in retirement because 20-30 years of doing nothing, is a really really long time?  Click to listen…!

Turn Your Dreams into Reality – FreedomSeries Interview with Barry Magliarditi: in this episode we discuss how Larry Jacobson made his dream of sailing around the world come true, and the traits and disciplines needed to achieve great accomplishments in one’s own life. Learn more from these takeaways… Click to listen…!

OutBüro Interview – The #1 LGBT Podcast on the Net:
In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with out gay entrepreneur, adventurer, and author Larry Jacobson. Click to listen…!


Powerful at Work Radio: E21: From CEO to Sailor with Larry Jacobson, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach, Adventurer. A unique interview where show host, Rosa Ponce de Leon, pins down his guest on questions about fear, tolerance, sexuality, and other hot topic… Click to listen…!

Originally published in The Quarterly Journal of the Life Planning Network:
Aging for gay men is different than for straight men… There are many areas to discuss and I have selected key topics of concern to the aging gay man in America. This article is representative of my experience...  Click to read…!

Goodbye Early Retirement, Hello Early Unretirement  Click here to read…!

Sail World:
Book of the Week: The Boy Behind the Gate  Click here to read…!

Yahoo Finance: Sailor Who Circumnavigated Globe Reveals How to Make Your Dreams Come True  Click here to read…!

Impact Magazine: What is Your Encore? Finding Purpose and Fulfillment in Retirement  Click here to read…!

The American Sales Magazine Online: Sales Lessons Learned at Sea  Click here to read…!

Love Your Path Show: Love Your Unstoppable Life  Click here to listen…!

Industrial Supply: Sales Lessons Learned at Sea  Click here to read…!

TheExaminer –  Book Review: The Boy Behind the Gate by Larry Jacobson  Click here to read…!

–  Book Review: The Boy Behind the Gate by Larry Jacobson  Click here to read…!

The Common Wealth Club 
–  Sail into Retirement
  Click here to listen…!

The Orange County Register:
Sailor survived ‘Pirate Alley –
 Click here to read…!


EdgeMediaNetwork – Book Review: The Boy Behind the Gate – Click here to read…!

 How to Make Your Dreams Come True… from Someone Who’s Done it –
 Click here to read…!

LinkedIn Pulse: 
Entrepreneurs in Underwear: Liberation from the 9-5 Work Day  Click here to read…!

Path Finders Travel Magazine: Sailor’s Round the World Journey Inspires Others How to Make Your Dreams Come True   Click here to read…!

LifeAfter50: Living an Unstoppable Life   Click here to read…!

AOL Healthy Living: Is the Economy Draining Us of Our Dreams   Click here to read…!


PersonalExcellence: Unstoppable Life – How to make your dreams come true (Pg. 10)  Click here to read…!

HealthWealthAdvisor: How to Make Your Dreams Come True  Click here to read…!

SkipperTips: The Boy Behind the Gate  Click here to read…!

SkipperTips: Circumnavigator Larry Jacobson’s Top 12 Anchoring Tips!  Click here to read…!

KindredMarketing: Weigh Anchor on the Next Amazing Chapter in Your Life  Click here to read…!

Monday Morning Radio: Saluting entrepreneur Larry Jacobson, an author, motivational coach, and retirement coach  Click here to read…!

Monday Morning Radio: Scott and Pat talk to Larry Jacobson, author of Top 5 Retirement Planning Secrets  Click here to read…!

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