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You have one of the Crucial Retirement Elements in place…! 

Great! If you have at least one crucial element, you’re headed in the right direction.
But it takes all three to get there!

77% of baby boomers do not have a plan for retirement. New retirees are the first generation in history that are experiencing this problem. Living longer and longer means retirement can go from boring to depressing, resulting in a record number of suicides in retirees.

Non-financial retirement coaching makes it easier for baby boomers to retire with confidence, finding a very fulfilling and rewarding encore. Larry Jacobson, founder of Buoy Coaching, achieved his goal of sailing around the world, and he wants to give you the secrets to achieving your fulfilling plan for retirement.

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Find Pleasure in Retirement!

Sick of dragging your feet out of bed in the morning with nothing to look forward to?

It’s the worst feeling, isn’t it? 

Thinking to yourself, “Is there anything fun to do in retirement?”

Torturing yourself with thoughts of, “Maybe my grandkids think I’m boring”…

Or my personal unfavorite, repeating month after month, “Will anyone even notice if I die?”

Do any of those sound familiar? 

And while we’re sharing our secrets…

Does the idea of overhauling your retirement–your LIFE–kinda make you want to pour yourself a glass of something strong? 

I’ve been there. 

I know how heavy it can feel. 

And I know what it feels like to have those months where you look at your empty calendar and think “Where did all my importance go?”

It sucks. 

So what’s a Baby Boomer to do? 

Create a plan.

I know, not too original, right? A plan! Hah!

But, seriously.

This one strategy has the ability to change the game for you and your retirement.

What’s more is it will allow you to find more pleasure, without having to feel more pain.

Hello, dream retirement!

So how can you get started? 


Check out the free resources below and start creating a retirement that will even impress your grand kids.

Your Plan to
Sail Into Retirement

Get a visual of how out of balance your retirement is with this printable guide: Retirement Wheel
 Take the quiz to learn more about yourself and your passions: Passion Quiz

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