When Larry Jacobson sailed away from the secure harbor of a successful career, comfortable home and “normal” life to circumnavigate the world in his own boat, he proved that if you hold steadfast to your dreams, you can conquer any obstacle.

You’ll be inspired and captivated by his true-life tales of overcoming challenges, encountering terrifying dangers, and discovering new frontiers in the world and in himself.

Author of the Award-Winning Best-Seller The Boy Behind the Gate, Jacobson engages his audiences with vivid storytelling and exciting photos and video, placing them right in the center of the adventure… and illuminating valuable insights on how to set goals, persevere in the face of adversity, achieve new levels of personal success, and fulfill any dream, no matter how improbable or long-deferred.

You’ll voyage with Larry as he grapples with everything from 30-foot waves and endless mechanical breakdowns to navigating infamous Pirate Alley.

Six years of lessons learned at sea enable Jacobson to speak with unique authority about conquering fear, staying the course whatever it takes, and living a full and satisfying life.

Jacobson’s business acumen, his deep knowledge of sales and marketing, and his sense of humor are all on board in his keynote speeches, “Navigating Leadership,” “Living Your Unstoppable Life,” and “Navigating Sales.” Energetic and upbeat, he not only shares his wisdom with his signature wit and charisma, but he draws powerful parallels to how participants can apply his lessons in their own personal and business lives.

After experiencing one of Larry’s empowering keynotes, your audience will walk away inspired and energized, knowing they don’t have to sail all the way around the world to discover the strength, vision and capacity for happiness they already possess.

They just have to step up to the helm and take the wheel.

Larry Jacobson is a Certified Dream Coach, Retirement, and Leadership Coach. He understands from his own experience what it takes to make your dreams come true. His self-guided video programs and personal coaching are available to you – Sample three FREE Modules of his “Lifestyle Planning Program” at .
Larry is an avid sailor with over 50,000 blue water miles under his keel. He is author of the six-time award-winning memoir of his circumnavigation in the book, The Boy Behind the Gate. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and welcomes new friends and inquiries – Connect and Follow Him him on LinkedIn FaceBook, or .If you would like to explore being coached by Larry Jacobson, Click Here to contact him!