NAVIGATING SALES: Achieving Unstoppable Performance

What stops many salespeople isn’t lack of skill, education or talent. It’s fear. Fear of making that next cold call… or of finally presenting to that big prospect they’ve been chasing. It can feel like facing a 30-foot wave in a storm
— lonely, scary, out of control.

​Larry Jacobson knows all about that kind of fear — and what it takes to turn it around and achieve the success of your dreams. After 20 years in the sales and marketing world, he spent six years circumnavigating the globe in a sailboat. As a sales expert and adventurer, Larry draws instructive and entertaining parallels between tales of his odyssey at sea and the challenges of selling in our fast-paced business world.

Sales is the driving force of every industry and the lifeblood of every business. Like sailing around the world, successful selling calls for decisiveness, a tolerance for risks, staying positive no matter what, maintaining a laser focus, and a strength and perseverance that come from digging deep inside.

Cultivating these skills is what allowed Larry Jacobson to close millions of dollars in business and complete his circumnavigation — fulfilling a childhood dream against all odds.

Larry understands what it takes to close sales in just about any industry, from high-tech to home products. But he also knows that success in sales, just like any endeavor in business or in life, isn’t about knowing “tricks of the trade;” it’s about making a decision: a commitment to be your best, regardless of the circumstances.

Larry challenges each listener in his audience to do just that: Achieve Unstoppable Performance in Sales. In this keynote that’s the perfect fit for any sales meeting, conference, or incentive program, your sales people will learn:

  • How setting goals can increase their sales
  • Why taking risks is necessary in sales
  • Why fear is nothing to be afraid of
  • How to keep a good attitude in spite of adversity
  • How important perseverance is to their careers

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Larry Jacobson
Your Retirement Life-Style Design Coach

Larry Jacobson has generated millions of dollars during his sales career He started his own company in Silicon Valley, in 1999, then sold it in 2003 and sailed around the world… in 6 years.  Larry is a two-time TEDx speaker, and a regular trainer at sales-performance and business-development events. Larry believes only in teaching what he knows, and he loves helping his clients improve their sales performance. If you’d like to improve your sales performance, Click HERE to apply for a Strategic Sales Booster Session!